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Carbotech Performance Brake Pads - Slicks (Rear)

Carbotech Performance Brake Pads - Slicks (Rear)

Carbotech Performance Brake Pads - Slicks (Rear)

Top quality one piece ( XP10 ) brake pads by Carbotech for your C6 Coupe, Convertible or Z06.


Carbotech Performance Brake Pads - Slicks (Front)

Lapping/Track Days:

Go Deeper Into the Corners on Lapping Days! When you take your car to the track, you want to know you can charge aggressively into the corners and be sure your brakes will shear off that speed—giving you maximum control without unnecessarily sacrificing pace. Just call us and our racing specialists will help you determine the perfect brake pad compound for your car and your style of driving. Carbotech brakes are designed to allow you to “Go Deep!” while being particularly friendly to your rotors.


Control Your Speed Bursts at Autocross or Prosolo Events

At autocross, it’s all about getting to the next turn faster and under total control. And the experts at Carbotech have years of experience recommending the right brake pad compounds for all kinds of cars involved in autocross and prosolo events. Once you tell us what you’re driving and how you approach these courses, we can put you in the pads that will enhance your enjoyment...and your performance!


Go Deep! We take you deeper into the corners & across the finish line first.

When you want the control and modulation to take your track-bred car deep into the turns, you need unsurpassed Carbotech brake technology. Going deep before you brake allows you to stay on the accelerator longer going into the corner and even faster coming out.

If you’re a professional racer, or if you’re taking your street car to the track for club events, Carbotech has the best braking solution. That’s why we are becoming the #1 Performance Brake Pads of Choice around the world with professional and club racers—everyone who demands the best. At Carbotech, we’ve been heavily involved in club and professional racing for more than 13 years.

Smarter Construction:

Only Carbotech uses a proprietary Ceramic and Metallic brake construction, not the carbon and iron used in conventional brake systems. Since carbon and iron combine to form carbide, which is used in cutting tools, you can imagine what those brakes are doing to your rotors.

Carbotech Performance Brakes utilize true race compounds that are “rotor friendly,” eliminating the grabbing and locking up that keep so many drivers and race cars from performing at their peak. You want to go deep to gain those precious fractions of a second before you need to brake, and only Carbotech brakes let you do just that. In every turn, all race long.