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Motorsports Consulting Services

Motorsports ConsultingOur Team Approach

We have assembled a highly skilled team with more than 75 years of collective experience and relationships in the motorsports industry. We offer a diverse range of consulting services based upom our years of experience ranging from motorsports event management, to race car fabrication and competition.

You can learn more about the team at Powell RaceShop at our Team Page.

Scope of Services

All of our engagements are tailored specifically to each customer. Whether you are merely looking for entry level advice on equipment or require a multi-year workplan with financial forecasting, the team at Powell RaceShop is well equipped to work with you every step of the way.

Having “been there” and successfully competed across North America and Europe, we know what it takes to win and can help you whether you are a track hobbyist or have more enthusiastic ambitions.

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What Our Customers Say

“Making the jump to competitive motorsports was a significant investment for us, especially in light of tight economic times and the challenges of acquiring sponsorships. We place a high value on experience and place a lot of focus on doing things right the first time around. The team at Powell RaceShop has assisted us every step of the way and has greatly helped us acheive our goals to date.”

- Mark Christiansen

Christiansen Racing