Services for the Driver

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Services for the Driver

Services for the DriverWe can tailor race track driving experiences to individual customer needs. Our special racetrack oriented driving experiences are designed for individuals or groups. We can accomodate groups as large as 50 participants.

Safety is our first priority. Typical driving experiences begin with a registration process, personalized name tags and division of participants into working groups, two per car. We provide hand held or base station mobile radios for temporary installation in customer vehicles; two participants per car works the best in terms of economies of scale, and the need to keep participants busy, either driving, observing or being “enabled” with information about the program, what and why they are learning by participating in a particular activity.

Participants are generally split into three groups, and these groups rotate through three different activities in three different locations on site:

  1. Mosport Main track; 2.45 mile international road racing track
  2. The Powell Skid Pad, a 100 x 1200 ft facility with specially treated epoxy skid pad area for low coefficient braking activities
  3. The Mosport Driver development track - a 3.1 km training road course

The activities vary according to the course design and client requirements and vehicles used, but generally encompass:

  1. The mysteries of heel and toe braking and downshifting; training in manual shift driving techniques
  2. Race craft; training in cornering technique and lapping exercises
  3. Collision avoidance and vehicle driver intervention systems; braking and collision avoidance; instruction and training in emergency collision avoidance maneuvers, and braking in various conditions, including split co-efficient surfaces. This segment includes technical explanation and driving actions to properly exploit ABS , ASR and ESP (chassis control systems) as needed for vehicle control

Depending on the schedule, and the arrival time, a short briefing and debriefing in the morning and afternoon, permits both refreshment, reception and execution of insurance waivers, and the opportunity to provide prizes and/or certificates at the conclusion of the day. Lunch can be provided, either on or off site. Pricing for these events are variable according to customer needs and class size, and include $5 million general liability insurance.

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